Hello, I am an attorney in the greater Bellevue/Seattle area. Prior to obtaining my Juris Doctor degree from Seattle University School of Law, I worked in many aspects of the Real Estate field. During my 15 year career in Real Estate, I underwrote loans for large and successful banks, as well as loans for private mortgage insurance companies.

Because of my extensive knowledge as a Real Estate Underwriter, it was a seamless transition for me when I chose to become a licensed realtor. As a realestate agent, I negotiated contracts between buyers and sellers, and educated my borrowers before, during, and throughout the entire home buying process. As such, my chosen career path has served as a catalyst for my lifelong goal and passion of becoming an attorney with my primary focus in real estate law.

My law firm, ‘Guidance to Justice, Inc.’ speaks volumes toward my stance in law. I guide and assist consumers with loan modifications/mediation, wrongful foreclosures, short sale negotiation, debt negotiation, review of loan documentation pre/post closing, bankruptcy-including chapter 7 & 13, and finally, violation of civil rights. It is my goal and strong desire to give individuals a voice, in the midst of the chaos while being treated in an unfair manner. Because I have experienced working in the real estate market at its lucrative height, at its all time low, and everywhere in between, I am confident to call my knowledge in real estate law- keen and thorough.

My strong belief is that knowledge is meant to be shared, not kept in secret. As such, I always strive to help individuals know their rights, understand their rights, and finally, invoke their rights.

Please, feel free to read and research my website for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your current real estate situation. I understand that no one circumstance is identical, therefore, feel free to contact my office via telephone or e-mail