Understanding MERS

To fix the problem of multiple assignments of mortgages and deeds of trust across the country, the banking and mortgage lending industry created a company called Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS). MERS was then made the nominee of the lender (beneficiary) in millions of deeds of trusts across the nation.

Most homeowners learned that they have a MERS deed of trust only when they tried to refinance their home and discovered that nobody was sure who actually owned their note and deed of trust. Most often, not even MERS knows. Yet, MERS frequently starts foreclosures without obtaining the express authority from the real owner and holder of the note and deed of trust. This violates the Washington Deed of Trust Act and may provide Washington homeowners whose deeds of trust name MERS as the beneficiary with defenses against wrongful foreclosure.

Because of Mary C. Anderson’s years in the mortgage industry, she understands the mortgage lingo and therefore is individually qualified to fight MERS foreclosures. Mary C. Anderson, is currently representing homeowners around the state, including one homeowner challenging MERS foreclosure before the Snohomish County Superior Court. In fact, she obtained, a STAY, on a post-foreclosure within the state’s jurisdiction. Also, our Washington Supreme Court heard arguments regarding this very issue on March 15, 2012; and we are waiting anxiously for the decision.

Washington Foreclosure Lawyers

Although located in Bellevue, Washington, our Bellevue MERS foreclosure relief lawyer represents MERS foreclosure clients across the state of Washington. We represent debtors, exclusively, in transactions involving MERS.

If you are facing a MERS foreclosure, you have several options that we would help you with, including:

  • Renegotiating or modifying your home loan
  • Mortgage refinance
  • Stopping foreclosure by applying for a loan modification mediation
  • Stopping foreclosure by seeking bankruptcy relief
  • Stopping foreclosure by challenging the legality of the foreclosure

Contact Our Law Firm

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