On The Verge of Walking Away

This particular client reached out to Mary at Guidance To Justice Law Firm, Inc when she was about 12 months behind in her mortgage payments. Initially, the client truly believed that there was no hope in saving her home. Not only was she currently struggling with her monthly mortgage payments, she owed over $100,000 more than her home’s value was appraised to be worth. Moreover, her retirement from her job was fast approaching. As such, she was aware that her monthly income would be significantly less-making it all the more difficult for her to be able to maintain her current monthly mortgage payments. As such, the client was essentially preparing (not by choice) to unfortunately “walk away” from her home.

However, after speaking with attorney, Mary Anderson she became more and more confident that her house could in fact be saved, with the guidance and knowledge of Mary Anderson. She became very hopeful as she put her full trust in her attorney, Mary Anderson.

The results that Mary Anderson negotiated, and eventually rendered for her client were remarkable. Her mortgage payment went from $2,000 to $898.01 per month, her interest rate went from 6% down to 2%, and finally Mary was able to successfully negotiate the “loan forgiveness” option with the lender. The phenomenal amount Mary was able to negotiate was approximately $102,000, to be taken off of her loan balance as a “gift “that she will never be required to pay back..The timing of this loan modification was impeccable-as this client was quickly approaching retirement. Once the client fully retires, her income will be based off of a “fixed’’ amount. If her mortgage payments would have continued to be $2,000 per month, she would not have been able to maintain her mortgage payment, and all other necessities with her fixed income.