On The Verge of Losing Work License

This client reached out to Mary at Guidance To Justice Law Firm, Inc when her very livelihood was threatened. She works as an ‘Individual Provider,’ where her clients receive care, but the state pays for the majority of it. The client was clearly emotional and in a state of confusion over what had happened to her.
She had been caring for her elderly mother for the past 7 years. It was well known within her family that my client’s mother constantly complained about senseless and frivolous things. In fact, my client made a point of speaking to her sister and nieces whereby there would always be communication within the family-even though my client was the Individual Provider who cared for her for so long.

On several occasions, my client’s family would reassure her that they knew that all of the complaints against my client, from her mother were false and unfounded.
However, my client’s family (including her sister, brother, nieces & her own mother) concocted allegations of abuse and neglect. They schemed behind her back for over a month on their false accusations. When the social worker for her patient arrived at her house, unannounced and fully prepared to take my client’s mother (or patient) out of the “dangerous” (according to one of the allegations) living environment, my client was in a state of confusion. Moreover, the social worker did not arrive alone, as my client’s sister, niece and nephew were also in attendance. By the end of the hour long or so ordeal, my client felt as though her very way of life was in shambles, as there was a strong possibility that the state would terminate her caregiver license, therefore, banning from working the only job she knew -an Individual Provider-ever again.

Mary Anderson at Guidance To Justice Law Firm, Inc agreed to take her case and ”fight” for her client’s entitled rights-by law. However, because my client’s elderly mother and social workers were essentially state funded/ran, Mary realized from the onset of her investigation and research that the case would undoubtedly be an uphill battle. Though this case did in fact, prove to be an uphill battle, Mary relentlessly seeked and found justice for her client. She will be able to maintain her license as a caregiver, as well as apply and work as an Individual Provider for the patient of her choice.